There is a long and noble tradition of humanitarian agencies and individual workers giving huge support to humanitarian crises. A number of people have given their lives to the humanitarian cause but as yet there is no national focal point where relatives, friends and colleagues can go to reflect on their sacrifice and celebrate their work.A small committee has set themselves the task of commissioning a permanent memorial in London, and raising the funds for it. Its members are former and present leaders of the humanitarian sector and bereaved family members, with the support of humanitarian aid charities, Westminster Abbey, The London South Bank, the Coin Street Community Builders, the Contemporary Arts Society, and the Department for International Development.

The memorial will cost £300,000, to commission the work, construct and install it, and guarantee its maintenance. Humanitarian aid charities themselves are contributing a third of the money, in recognition of their lost staff and volunteers, and as a commitment to celebrating the ideals of humanity as an inspiration for the future.

The Steering Committee is seeking significant contributions from those individuals and bodies, committed friends of the humanitarian aid community equally passionate about the values and service of humanitarianism, who also believe in the importance of this Memorial, and feel moved and able to help make it happen.

If you are interested in providing further support to the Humanitarian Memorial Project then we ask you to please visit our JustGiving page:

All contributions will go towards the design, construction, installation and maintenance of the permanent memorial. We will also endeavour to keep you updated on any future events and the progress of the permanent memorial.


The permanent memorial dedicated to humanitarian aid workers is being designed in a central London location. It seeks to honour those from all over the world who have died in the service of humanitarianism, to recognise our common humanitarian ideals and to celebrate the spirit that inspires humanitarian action around the globe.

We held the 4th Memorial Event for Humanitarian Aid Workers on Thursday 17th August 2017, at Westminster Abbey. The event began with Evensong and following this a wreath-laying event took place outside the Abbey, at which guests were invited to lay a rose for someone they would like to remember. The was for anyone who wished to attend -  families, friends, colleagues and organisations to honour those who lost their lives in humanitarian action.

The 5th Memorial Event for Humanitarian Aid Workers will be held on Thursday 16th August 2018.

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